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Marco Island, Nottingham 2014

The Island is body of site-responsive artworks, concerned with locality and community, in an abandoned thirty four acre site in the city centre. The site was used by skateboarders and the homeless passing through, with invisile boundaries of shared space, I worked there for a six months, deeply engaged in everyday life as a locus for, and possibly subject for, art.

I used found and bought materials and paint (waterbased) in making a direct response to the issues of space and time, taking the particular moment and the universal, which is traditionally seen as the purpose of art. The site became a platform for a dialogue, evidenced in the constructive/destructive interventions, of unseen co-creators, 'new editions', with results that could be theatrical and contemplative.
BOOTHS was a final work referencing to the nomadic lifestyle of homeless visitors to the site, passing through. and of temporary shelters.

brick house 2
pv 8
d 2
new ed

New Additions, Marco Island, Nottingham 2014

A small selection of work with images of the adaprations by invisible co-creators 'New Editions'. I learned that there was an 'agreement' amongst the skateboarders to
'not smash the work by the artist woman'.

Irene Rogan - Artworks, Sepän talo, RaumArs International Residency Programme, Finland 2015


DA VINCI'S SALON found material and objects, photographs and paint

Mikrokosmos, Sepän talo, Rauma, Finland working in collaboration with five artists from diverse arts practice at, a large, disused house with Tarja Kyllijoki, Katarina Mannio, Leena Vainio and Jari Sorjenon.
'Da Vinci's Salon' is a in evolving installation of site specific work, referencing a touring exhbitionin of da Vinci's work in Finland ath the time. Working collaboratively with local photographer Jari Sorjenon, I directed a series of photographs of abandoned objects, untouched for several decades in the derelict cellar of the house, using the available natural light. The objects were carefully removed and cleaned, placed on velvet swathed plinths as objects for meditation, in a room where I had 'gilded' sections of wallpaper.

dav tre3
Da Vinci's treasure 2 jpeg

Mikrokosmos - Otan ja annan takaisin - Taking and Giving

'Taking and giving, a section of verdant meadow-grasses removed from Sepän talo garden to inside the house. Waterpipes are normally concealed in the infrastructure of a building, are suspended directly above grasses, reflecting concerns of Finnish people with their environment and water resources. The physical endeavour required in creating the piece, the measuring, cutting, gathering and carrying the turf indoors is symbolic of the real and symbolic act of taking and returning of conservation and sustainability.

Leena 3
Leena 67pg

Irene Rogan and Leena Vainio
Sepän talo
30th June 2015

This collaboration titled 'Seamless' took place in Leena Vainio's work 'Comfort' (Vainio's preferred English title) which had a serene yet mysterious quality about it. Placing her in the 'frame' of her work created a unity between artist, viewer and the work, generating continuity between the refined and intensified experience of art and the everyday of being. This final 'act' provided a sense of wholeness and quiet reflection to the work. Leena wore the same clothing from her performance 'Milky White' a complimentary work to 'Comfort'.

Irene Rogan - Engagement Projects, RaumArs International Residency Programme, Finland 2015

water collection
MICROSCOPE LOOKING For diatoms  with 1B normaali
diatom crop
green blue 3d print

1.Rauman Freneitkoulu 2. Normalikouluu 3. Water collection image through microscope 4. 3D print of a diatom

IMG_0092 (2)
young laxce makers with tarmo thorstrom

5 Maanpää residents 6. Karin Koulu 7. Printmakes workshop 8. Young Lace-makers

Morphogenesis, art science and environment
Spring/Summer 2015

Engagement Top Row 1-4: selection of participants in Morphogenesis projects taking a field trip for water collection for micro-organisms for observation under microscope, in particular diatoms (present in all water bodies and a indication of water quality) using a camera phone to take images and the 3D print from Nottingham Future Factory of a diatom.

'Collaboration was good leading children first, then doing, not used to doing themselves they worked as a team the children did the work and no crying.
We are doing the curriculum one week this is good example for the residency contribution to our programme' and making it more coherent.'
Karin Koulu (Karin School)

Engagement Middle Large Image: (tensions rise as the competition is on) PINNALLA (the hidden) was a city-wide science project exploring water quality working with schools and environmentalists. Finally all participating schools build a floating sculpture and test it in the Kanali, in the distance can be seen the artlab set up housing examples of work by the schools.

'Residency project: An excellent project for the pupils especially because being collaborative therefore more independent and involved, the skype with scientist theoretical biologist Dr Gordon in Florida added to that'.
Rauman Freneitkoulu

Engagement Bottom Row 5-8 : a selection of collaborative projects with a variety of groups left to right.
5. Maanpää - collaboration with local residents/protest group and photographer Jari Sorjenon, 6. Normalikulu special needs and learning difficulties pupils, work to gether to create an environmental sculpture from found materials alone 7. Printworkshop production of a limitededition book, 8.young lace makers with Tarmo Thostrom they made a lace-work base on diatom form.



jane topping

1. Jane Topping - Video Artist 2. Madi Jackson - Environmental Artist 3. Kris Wilkinson Hughes Singer/Songwriter

Angela Dixon

4. Art Gene Environmental organisation 5. Angela Dixon - Photographer

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