RaumArs Artist in Residence Programme,


Spring - Summer  2015

Morphogenesis: art, science and the environment is the title of Irene Rogan's proposal for RaumArs international residency programme in Rauma Finland (the research from this work was used for three UK based projects). Morphogenesis  the cover-all title evolved into five independant projects based on the concept of exploring the hidden biodiversity in water and conservation. All the projects had a strong collaborative approach, working with teachers and pupils, artists and residents to develop experimental projects.


Morphogenesis (definition 'the begining of the shape' ) uses art and basic science practices (microscopy) to collect water samples and observe the visually stunning micro-organisms diatoms and  to inspire the production of creative works. Diatoms are present in most natural water accumulations worldwide, of which there are innumerable variations, are invisible to the naked eye.  However, when revealed through the use of standard microscopes and access to scientists’ SEM images (Scanning Electron Microscope) are capable of providing images of quite considerable beauty.

Image of diatoms from water collection around Rauma.

Ruama funfair from water tower using tourist telescope.

The Schools Project

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Sepän talo

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Lace Up

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Eco Art Collaborativen project with Rauma schools

Diatom Gallery

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